Free IoT Class: for IT Business Owners
"How I Added 3 New IoT Managed Services that generate 7-Figures of High-Margin Revenue Using a Strategy Anyone Can Copy"
  • Easy to sell: Every one of my existing clients wanted to buy this after a 5-minute presentation
  • Easy to deliver: My technicians learned how to implement this in a few hours.
  • Highly Profitable: And, it's the most profitable service I'm delivering - 85% profit!

Luis Alvarez

Owner, Alvarez Technology Group
MSSP in Salinas, CA

Mark Smith

ChannelPro Network, Partner
Founder of MSSP Quickstart & IoTMSP
What You'll Discover on This Webinar!
Discovery #1:
How Angry Seniors Helped Me Discover I Was Leaving Money on the Table
• Why you’ve been leaving money on the table
• Why your current software has been holding you back from discovering this hidden revenue source
• How to fix it
Discovery #2:
The Simple Method I Used to Sell 189 Clients on My IoT Managed Service
Discover the simple, inexpensive tool that allows you to find, manage and monetize devices without needing more truck rolls. 

And, find out why you've never discovered this tool ...until just a few minutes from now.
Discovery #3:
The 3 Managed Services that Generate 85% margins
• Discover the three IoT Managed we sell that generate 85% margin 

•  Discover why my clients are willing to pay based on the value they receive, even though my costs are so low
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